Messages about your location to your bot (paquebot) on Telegram with IFTTT

Katarína Bö
1 min readJan 6, 2016

I found out that you can create IFTTT recipe to post messages to your Telegram bot (created with paquebot) to let users know about various things, for example about your location.

I live with flatmates, we use Telegram daily and we usually want to know who is or isn’t at home and sometime ask when we go to the shop if anyone wants something from there. I created IFTTT recipes to post messages to my bot about these locations automaticaly. My flatmates are subscribed to the bot so they will always know who is at home or who went to to shop. ☺

There are 2 different ways how to do it:

  1. Trigger message post to your paquebot according to location
  2. Trigger message post to your paquebot according to the WiFi, that you are connected to (I think this won’t drain your battery so much)

Here are links for my IFTTT recipes:

If you enter an area, then post message to paquebot

Send message to paquebot when connect to specific WiFi

Send message to paquebot when disconnect from specific WiFi

I hope it will be useful for someone ☺



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